Red Bellied Black Snake in the Reeds – Laratinga Wetlands

Red Bellied Black Snake in the Reeds - Laratinga Wetlands, Mount Barker

Snake in the reeds! On Friday afternoon 25 January 2019 we were taking advantage of the overcast day to update photos of our snake proof gaiters at Laratinga Wetlands, Mount Barker, South Australia. We had just finished taking some photos near the creek bank when we noticed this Red Bellied Black Snake up in the […]

Brown snake bite kills man trying to protect pet dog

Eastern Brown Snake

In an unfortunate circumstance a man passed away less than an hour after being bitten by a brown snake while trying to protect his pet dog in north-west New South Wales. He went to investigate his small dog barking and found the dog to have a small brown snake in his mouth. In an attempt to […]

The SnakeProtex guards have been a valuable part of my PPE

Eastern Brown Snake

The SnakeProtex guards have been a valuable part of my PPE at Ballina Shire Council, as an environmental officer walking through long grass and various snake situations the guards have given me total peace of mind that if a snake strike happens I will not be killed or harmed. I recommend these to all outdoor […]

Don’t experience an encounter with a snake like this man!

Snake Stories | Article Image Update 2022

Thanks Francis for sharing your story with us. We trust you are recovering well.This story outlines the importance of protection when outdoors. Below is a script from Francis Ford a snake bite victim to Channel 7 news: To whom it may concern, Your channel briefly covered a story on the 12th of November, about a […]

Look what’s in the house, Mum….. a snake!

Eastern Brown Snake

A Mount Barker mother of two had the shock of her life when her 12-year-old son told her there was a severely agitated brown snake slithering along her loungeroom floor. The lethal 1.5m creature had somehow found its way inside the house at Dalemeny, Waterford Estate, probably to cool off from the summer heat. Don’t […]

Snakeprotex served me well in close encounter with a Dugite

Western Australian Dugite - Photo credit to Perth Zoo

I purchased a pair of Snakeprotex three weeks ago after nine close calls with Dugites and Tiger Snakes here in WA after working on larger properties in the Perth Hills and country areas. On Tuesday 13/10/15 the Snakeprotex served me well. As I was brush cutting in long grass I felt a tap or two above […]

“It’s already paid for itself… 10 times over”

Eastern Brown Snake in Grass

“Hi, I’m so glad that I bought a pair of these (SnakeProtex). Yesterday while clearing bush to prepare for the coming fires, they protected me from a pretty good bite from a brown snake, it left venom all over the ankle part of your product. It was only the second time I’ve worn the protectors. […]