Snakes alive! Boom season for baby eastern brown snakes

Eastern Brown Snake in Grass

THE number of snakes being caught in the southern suburbs of Adelaide has doubled this year. Snake Catchers Adelaide employee Cory Young said this snake season, which typically runs from October to March, he was catching about 15 snakes a day, up from eight the year before. “This year we haven’t had a lot of […]

Snake Facts Which You Probably Didn’t Know

Snake Facts from SnakeProtex Extreme Gaiters

Snakes aren’t all bad – and they’re DEFINITELY not all the same. Take a look through these facts and be surprised! Australia has a BIG snake. The Amethystine or Scrub Python of Northern Queensland has grown up to lengths of around 5m. Their diet can include wallabies. Australia’s most dangerous snake to humans is generally […]

Australia’s #1 Deadly Snake: The Brown Snake.

Eastern Brown Snake in Grass

The Brown Snake. That’s it. That’s the best name they could come up with. It’s our deadliest snake, for Pete’s sake. Why couldn’t they have called it the ‘Goliath Serpent’, or the ‘Tyrannosaurus Viper’? Surely ‘Brown Snake’ far too unglamorous for the snake that has been responsible for more snake bite deaths than any other […]