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Are your Gaiters going to protect you aganist Snake bites?

SnakeProtex Extreme photo 5 at PAKEM Farm 4WD Training Park

Posted on behalf of Erin Hext at Bush Treks Tasmania; Erin compares hiking gaiters to Snakeprotex.

I always imagined my gaiters would protect me from snake bites. They were a reputable brand and weren’t cheap so I had the expectation that they would be as good as any other gaiters out there on the market.

However, the reality is that most gaiters on the market will only help protect you from the prickly scrub and wet conditions. Who would have thought?

A friend of mine recently pointed me in the right direction to the world of SnakeProtex, a brand of gaiters specifically designed to help keep you safe from those slithery critters.

Although nothing is ever 100% fool proof they have been tried and tested on some of Australia’s most deadly snakes.

The SnakeProtex was conceived, designed and tested in Australia.

Some City Councils in fact use them for their employees for when they are working outdoors in sewers, parks and the like.

Any gaiters are better than none so don’t stop wearing the ones you have but the SnakeProtex gaiters are definitely worth checking out for that added protection, after all no one likes a snake hickey!!