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SnakeProtex Prospector Metal-free Gaiters

Gold Detecting in Marble Bar - Western Australia

Searching for gold in Marble Bar, Western Australia

SnakeProtex Gaiters are now available in a metal-free design. After numerous requests for a metal-free version of our popular gaiters we’ve now made them!

For the gold seekers, fossickers, geologists and surveyors out there, you can now have peace of mind that you have the best protection when out in the field without triggering your metal detector. The gaiter itself is made from the same robust fabrics as our Extreme model however the buckles, zipper and studs have all been replaced with plastic or nylon alternatives.

Check our stockist locator or ask about them at your local safety or rural supply store.

Note: our Prospector gaiters are currently only available in the Medium size; depending on demand, we may make other sizes available in the future.

Detail view of the lower buckles and straps

Soft inner liner; same rugged outer and puncture proof protective materials as our Extreme gaiters.